Use Clustering to Identify Baseball Pitch Type

Pitcher ID: 506433

Pitcher Name: Darvish Yu

Step One: Feature Selection

First we need to choose the features (pitchfx attributes) which will be taken into clustering procedure. From former researches and my quick inspection on the data set, the selected features that should affect a pitch type, a......

Data Mining on PITCHf/x




Pitch Type

According to TexusLeaguers, PITCHf/x now classify all pitches into 15 types (UN for Unknown).



Pitch Type Classification

Pitch Type Prediction

Pitch Quality Evaluation

Analysis on Pitcher Fatigue Factor


Fetch Raw Data


Assignment I of CMSC-5718, Intro to Computational Finance


Read Excel Sheet in R

There are several packages available for reading Excel xls/xlsx files:

Function*odbcConnectExcel* in package RODBC

Package xlsx

Function read.xls in package gdata

On some other blog articles (here is one)

Install Package XLSX

Package homepage on CRAN: http:/......