Every article in this blog is a sample slice of Todd's brain, which can partly and temporally reflect what is he thinking and busying on. If this blog doesn't update as you'd expect, he must be too busy to do so.

Who is Todd?


I mean, could you be more specific? Your answer cannot be shorter than this 2nd-level title!

My pleasure.

  • Full name, 劉 理鑫, AKA. Todd Leo.
  • Gender, 1.
  • Late post-80s, junior programmer, BlackBerry enthusiastic.
  • Lat-long, 成都.
  • Now studying CS at CUHK as a MSc student.
  • Interested in Database, Data Mining and Social Computing.
  • Having a wonderful and firm relationship with xiaolv.

Generally, what are the BRAIN SLICES about?

If you examine them, you'll see cortex and ectocinerea cells, under a anatomic microscope instead of staring with naked eyes, of course. Occasionally, don't surprise by observing pure fat, that's just me stopped thinking.

No wonder there's nobody read your blog! For god's sake!

Alright. Some of them are technical notes, the rest are just nonsense and random blahs, 0xAC682F, for instance. Therefore, I don't expect people would drop by and read these, you know, like the end of Internet, and I enjoy the peace and a bit of loneliness here.

Contact: liulixin(a)cuhk.edu.hk sliznmailbox(a)hotmail.com